“Stand firm against oppression, but do it without ill-will.”


What’s so hard about Peace?

What’s so hard about Peace? is an upcoming documentary series with renowned artists in conversation with Nobel laureates. Bono, Michael Douglas and Paul Simon have taped episodes.

The Nobel Peace Prize is the most prestigious internationally recognized award in the world. Its recipients are extraordinary individuals who have had a significant positive impact on our world, often at great personal risk and sacrifice. They have stopped bloodshed, built democracies; in some cases they have overcome centuries of hatred to bring peace.

These Nobel laureates harbour a collective wisdom that our world desperately needs today. Yet few people can name more than one or two of the laureates, much less understand their work and accomplishments.

What’s so hard about Peace?, a new documentary series, seeks to change that, by introducing and revealing these peace builders through relaxed, personal conversations with artists we all know and love.

The series is not political commentary. It is not “left” or “right.” It is about the architects of peace in different regions of our world, how they did what they did, what decisions they made along the way, what their inspirations were, and what their advice would be to other would-be peacemakers today.

At the end of each episode, viewers will be directed to The Community where they will learn more about that laureate and engage in projects with the laureates.